Pecorino Toscano Dop

Pecorino Toscano Dop

We'll take you inside the factory for a private event where you can taste the Tuscan Excellencies. Fill out the form or send a mail to Book Now

In Tuscany the art of cheese making produces excellencies that deserve to be known; we have choosen for you the best dairies in order to let you taste the excellent seleCtions of “Pecorino Dop”.

Take part in a tasting of Excellencies and typical Tuscan products directly at production sites.

Do you want your experience to be as unique as exclusive?

Choose from additional services to the tasting offered by Craft Tuscany and personalize your experience in Tuscany:

Capture Your Moment ( Professional photographer with you) – Kid’s Club ( Baby-sitter service ) – Memories In Motion ( Videomaker with you )